Make Art From Clay For Beginners

Simple Tips on How To Make Art From Clay For Beginners

Crafts from clay have been much in demand since a long time, due to its useful factors. Products made of clay does not only make an extraordinary work of art, but a lot of craft could become household items, such as dishes, flower pots, and many others.

Well, for you who want to learn to make crafts from clay material, let’s read these following tips.

Before you start making crafts from clay, you have to set up some instruments that will help you in the process, such as a tool carved, and many others. But there are also some ways that we only use our hand in the making process.

Make Art From Clay For Beginners


Afterward, you have to choose a good soil to help your cooking process with hands, and you can use clay stoneware or clay Earthenware.

For beginners, they usually start making clay craft by trying to copy the existed statue. They try to make the craft as the way it is and follow it. Some people attempt to print the finished goods with gypsum, then the result of the mold is filled with new clay.

And for you who want to create your own work, there are some techniques you can try. They are patching technique and carving technique.

As for patching method, you can start the process by forming the clay in broad shape without any details. Later when the process complete you can start creating all the details by patching it with small pieces of clay.

Then, you can press it into the basic shape, and form it in accordance with what you want and desired.

The next technique is sculpture. Almost the same with the previous method. Form the clay material into broad model after resembling your desired shape, and you can start carving it slowly and start adding all the detail.

This kind of work requires many tools in the process, such as a small knife, lighter, or you can use particular chisel clay.

Those are some way to make art out of clay, pretty easy right?

But if you want to make a magnificent form, of course, you have to do it regularly, so you’ll start to get used to the texture of clay which is very elastic. One more thing, if you have not reached the end of the work, cover your clay with plastic, and keep them in a close place and away from sunlight.

If you do not do that, the clay that you’ve formed will be dry. It will cause you clay to have a lot of cracks or even crushed. Hope this article helps you learning to make art out of clay, good luck!

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