Decorative Products Made of Clay Material

Decorative Products Made of Clay Material

Clay is a natural raw material formed in nature which can be accommodated in many kinds of human needs, from beauty treatment material like scrub or mask, clay can also be a painkiller for the wound. It’s because clay contains zinc and iron that can help healing the wound.

However, many people only knew that clay as craft material and only has aesthetic value.

For that reason, in this article let’s expand our knowledge on the function of clay material. We will discuss some of the decorative products made of clay.

1. Flower Vase

Clay flower vase

It’s known that clay is primary raw material in the making of a flower vase. It because clay is an easy to form and strong material that suits for a flower vase.

2. Statue

clay statue

Many famous sculptures are produced from stone as the primary raw materials, while statues made of clay. But, it doesn’t mean that the statue made of clay less good. One of the famous statue made of clay is the terracotta statues from Chine, beautifully isn’t?

3. Jug / Pitcher

clay pitcher

Many of the craftsmen made Pitcher or Jug from clay. It is because the material is easy to mold and form in the making process. It is also waterproof material when it is burned.

4. Ashtray

clay Ashtray

For you who smoke, you will need ashtray around you to dispose of your cigarette ash. Much element can be used to make an ashtray.
You can use steel, resin, brass, etc.. Bu, an ashtray made of clay is quite attractive to many people because many of the craftsmen made an ashtray into a unique shape.

5. Jar

Clay Jar

Jars were very well known since 4000-5000 BC. The most famous jar is the one made in China. It’s because a jar made in China is a good quality jar and also contained a lot of fascinating history. The original jar made in China who are aged is very expensive!

Those are some decorative products made of clay. If you are interested in becoming a clay collector or you already have a lot of clay craft in your home, you can try to make your own clay craft. The clay raw material is very easy to find and to be worked with. So, why don’t you try to make your own work? Thank you for reading this article, I hope it’s useful for you.

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